Interlock-Double Knit
Interlock-Double Knit
The machine fits to weave twill, air layer, interlayer, padded-bubble, stalr cloth, Double PK cloth, silk, rib cloth and small jacquard cloth and so on, It's a double-side machine with the cams transform, convenient, easy, high speed of transform and high efficiency. It is able to knit 1x1,2x1,2x2 rib fabrics, such as sports wear, underwear, cuff, bottom hem, sporting protection items, medical products, It is also can knit various special fabrics with special design.
مشخصات قطر سیلندر (دهنه) ریزی ابزار
TF-D2F4 16"-42" 16G-46G 32F-108F
TF-RIBD2F4 16"-42" 16G-28G 32F-84F
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