Single Three-Thread Fleece
Single Three-Thread Fleece
The machine enables to knit 3:1 2:1, freece and plain fleece fabrics, It can knit varlous fabrlcs to be used In sports wear, underwear, pajama bables'wear and jacket The machine fits to weave Chromspun, electron velvet, Uncut velvet, Loop velvet, single or ouble nylex, double brush felt, poodle cloth, colorful cloth and so on, excellences, At the same time, it be mixed polyester fabric fittings, can weave spring LYCRA coloth.
مشخصات قطر سیلندر (دهنه) ریزی ابزار
TF-SPL2 26"-34" 14G-28G 52F-68F
TF-SML2 24"-38" 16G-28G 36F-55F
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